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Benefits Associated for Traders in LiteForex MultiRebate Program

Multi Rebate program

The LiteForex Multi Rebate program is a service from brokerage group for traders, wherein contestants get multiple rewards for their participation. Each time the participants make a transaction and trade with the group or refer a person, they are entitled to get benefits for their contribution to the company. The LiteForex Multi Rebate program is a safe and unique way to make extra sum without working a lot.


In this kind of program, associated people can avail the conditions in three different types. First, it is unique and one of the highly responded program; Secondly, the payouts are high in the comparison of the current market vista and third, the rewards in the program are eternal.

Why should one take part in Multi Rebate Program?

The answer of the subject matter is quite simple. There are enormous benefits are allied with the program for participants, without considering whichever level of association you are at with the program. Another good thing associated with the service is that one can show his/her presence at all the levels at the same time and can merge the benefits for better sum.

1. Per Transaction– One gets 1.5 pips for each complete transaction or trade that has been made with the LiteForex Group. The amount is calculated in the end of the month on the basis of the transactions has been made. Soon one will realize that the spread costs are much lesser and the profit has started to pile up. All these services and programs has designed to create more and more opportunities for traders and keeping them active in the forex arena.

2. 0.4 Pips from Reference– The traders referred by you will be getting 1.5 pips on each transaction, but you will also be getting 0.4 pips on their each transaction. It means that you don’t have to make a transaction or trade to get the extra sum; your referred traders will help you to credit the account balance.

3. Profits from Partners- In order to grasp the maximum profit from the multi rebate program, some of the referred people opt to become Liteforex partner. And, if any of your referred people does that, you get the additional ten percent of their profits. This indirect income from the partners, make a difference in your profit.

There are ample of chances for increasing the profit amount and one is encouraged to gain from various sources and methods. More pips will be part of your account as the more people you refer to the program. The multi rebate program is coupled with the pips calculator system, which helps the participants to calculate the amount they have gained. The more pips you add in your account, the more opportunities you create for earning profits. It means you can stay and process as a participant for a long time and make gigantic profits.


How to Take Part in it?

Taking part in the multi rebate program is quite easy and it doesn’t take a long span. The very first thing is creating an account using the official website registration page. All the significant figures like transactions and like this other information appears in the account. The number of referred people also displayed in the account. Each time, when a referred person makes a transaction; his/her account gets credited as well as yours according to the company multi rebate program guidelines.

The time, after that the transactions are processed online too; the execution speed for money transaction is fast and the results can be seen immediately. The biggest rebates of the company comprise 1.5 pips and this is undoubtedly great for the traders who do most of trading online. Why would one keep himself/herself from making transactions, when they can capitalize fund via program?

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LiteForex Group’s Emerging History: Year 2005 to Now

The meaning of success is not mere money, but it is the impact of the business actions and every step you make to elevate. LiteForex Company, which works as a leading Forex brokerage group is known as a corporation with enormous opportunities. The reason behind this popularity is that the astonishing services and earning opportunities offered with each trade by the Forex Company. Here, we’ll discuss the year wise emerging chronicle of LiteForex Broker Group of Companies.


Year 2005 Span

The company was officially rolled out on July 2, 2005 with the target of fulfilling the needs of traders in the most liquid market and in this series company took its first step by initiating with the cent accounts. The minimum amount of trading deposit was kept just one dollar and this action made the trading accessible to potential investors. The Meta Trader platform was handy and supportive for traders in the beginning year.

Year 2006 Span

In year 2006, the Forex group started the offices in Russia and set up functioning in flow. At this duration company released an array of services like a community page to communicate and share trading ideas, trading terminal for cell phone users, different type of affiliated programs, the chance to start own website using the company hosting services and like this much more. Traders are facilitated to gain interest on the deposit money, which is not in use for trading. And, in the same year this group started round the clock customer support.

Year 2007 Span

After two and half year, Forex Group entered in the Asian and Pacific marketplace and the website was designed in two different languages i.e., Malay and Chinese. After a short period, website was translated in other native languages like Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, and so on in order to make trading easier for native speakers. The company was communicating with more than 75 thousand active traders by the end of the 2007 and at this time new trading tools were introduced to extant the trading opportunities for traders.


Year 2008 Span

In 2008 the LiteForex group was honored by being another part of “the Russian Association of Financial Market Members” (RAFMM) as an active member and Forex sponsor as well. Call-back option come into existence for a better user experience and the payment system extended for quick and easy deposit and withdrawal. Account types and currency pairs were extended for better transaction and trading opportunities respectively.

Year 2009 Span

In the first three months of the year, company expended the list of partners and introduced new trader’s profile. In the same year the Forex group joined hands with an airlines firm and came up with an exceptional promotional program titled with “The Lucky Ticket” and the winner of the program was given a sports car. The Muslim community was elatedly targeted for trading in 2009 and to make the Forex trading accessible in the community, swap free accounts were introduced.

Year 2010 Span

The duration of 2010 was quite enticing for the LiteForex group of companies as the company was awarded with “Affiliate program innovator”. On the other hand, Forex firm keep continue expanding the trading services for potential clients. The real money was offered as a prize for the demo contest by the company and this was the first time, when a Forex group organized such kinds of contest. The Company started Multirebate programs and different type of account type & trading platforms in order to achieve the better accuracy level and floating spread.

Year 2011 Span

The trading terminal at and services offered by the company made available for the mobile users who have iOS, Blackberry and android system software. The mobile users facilitated by virtual private servers and PAMM services. The British Magazine for the World Finance wrote about the “Best PAMM Services” provided by the Forex group. In different categories of events and contests, cars were raffled by the company for traders. LiteForex scam incident in middle of 2011 was a pit fall, but resolved in quick time.

Year 2012 Span

The Company reached to the new heights in 2012 with more than 500 000 active traders. Even after this figure of traders, the Forex group continued to expand the payment gateways and trading tools to offer better quality services to the potential users. The group started the account type STP in order to trade with interbank liquidity in MT4 and SGD for clients’ fund safety.

Year 2013 Span

The secure site of LiteForex in 2013 was like a Forex giant and working all over the globe. An array of contest and events were running and prizes were set for different types of events and Mercedes S400 hybrid was one of the prizes. LiteForex organized a marathon titled as “Supermarathon LiteForex” and the winner of the marathon was given the prize fund $30 000.

Year 2014 span

Mini contest on LiteForex Twitter page was on the run in the starting of 2014. The Company rolled out a new tool “Autochartist” to read and analyze the currency chart figures. A new fund transfer method “Transferência Bancária Brasil” brought into existence for Brazilians. More than 1300 Traders grasp the opportunity to double the deposit with “Seize the day” contest by the Forex group.

LiteForex: Raise Your Prospect Heights with the Leading Forex Group

There are an enormous number of companies working on Forex trading profession and it is well acknowledged that the trading is not an acquiescent activity. This will be little bit boring until you put a big total of money for trading. The best part of the Forex trading is that it provides the unexpected leverage on the trading and this makes the Forex market slightly different from others. There are some elite aspects, which are significant in the trading from traders’ point of view.

Easy Set UpThe LiteForex Company provides the quite easy process to link you to the group and this takes only a few minutes. The initial amount is to be deposited kept low with immense leverage. If one is a novice in the Forex trading market, then the company provides the facility to open a demo account without any charge to offer better learning and understanding environment.

Secure Server– The Company assures the clients for a high-level safety and security of their personal information. The hypertext transfer protocol secure encrypts the personal data while data is transferred between the client and the server.

Multi Rebate Revenue– This is the huge break for the partners to make some extra money with the traders. The LiteForex Company offers an opportunity to add 1.5 pips on every transaction you carry out.

Gratis Accounts Swap– These types of accounts are good to use financial instruments and support the traders to manage the money. The swapping is not accepted when the position is overturned to the next day.

Remarkable Associate Programs– This is the chance for the individuals to make profit without putting the hands in the market. There is no edge of the level and money for the affiliate clients and payment is transferred to the accounts after the execution.

Separate Accounts– Separate accounts are much better for safety point of view and the fund can be used in the trading later in critical situations. In these kinds of accounts, fund is kept separate from brokers.

Daily Forex Analysis– Profit in the Forex trading is difficult to assume without the homework and analysis; the professionals of LiteForex release the daily Forex analysis on the official website for the potential traders.

LiteForex – What Are The Plus Factors of Trading With the Brokerage Company

The LiteForex group of companies has expertise in the arena of Forex trading with outstanding performance. The beginners on the Forex trading platform are on the priority for the company as they need expert assistance. This group has a large team of professionals, which is elite to meet the needs of the new traders at the Forex podium.

malaysia-liteforex.jpg w=230

The major benefits of trading with LiteForex are as follows-

Start Trading with Just $ 1
The best you can get in the starting is entering into the Forex market for just $ 1.  This is the big opportunity for the beginners and they can start trading.

No Trading Commission Imposed by Company
According to the updated trading rules, LiteForex group of companies allows you to use Forex trading systems and currency transactions in the marketplace at the lowest cost. No one trader will be charged as commission, except the difference spread between sale and buy figures.
Income From Interest
LiteForex firm pays a competitive interest rate to the traders on the balance that is not involved in the trading amount. The account balance partners at the same time are provided interest-free credit for Forex traders.

Spread Value of Sale and Buy on Floating and Fixed
The Forex Group provides a spread ranging from zero floating point and fixed spread of two points. The changes depend on the financial market activities on floating spread accounts.

Fast Transaction Execution
In order to put the current prices on Forex trading, LiteFoex group of companies has been using the technology for quick execution. And, the direct impact of the practice is that the traders don’t need to re-price when entering into the Forex market.  Traders just open and close a position on the basis of what they see on the screen.

No Dealer in Middle
There is no role for distributors in the transactions as all the orders are carried automatically. The automated processing technology is a nice move in the favor of traders, which is handled by the teams.

Amount Deposit
The Company uses an automatic system to fill the trading account via electronic payment system. The entire amount credited into the trading account after making a deposit.

Diversity of Instruments for Forex Trading
There is a variety of trading instruments for the traders like spot gold, spot silver and other metals to provide the traders the most appropriate instrument.

Mission and Advantages of Liteforex Trading

Success is not measured by money. Success is unique and extreme feeling that gives significance in each step. Liteforex group is happy to share this success with their clients. Their mission is to pass this value to as many people as possible. The company provides best conditions to its clients to fulfill the mission. The company is composed of highly qualified specialists that they have chosen from hundreds of applicants from all over the world. Try to reach the unreachable is their secret way of overcoming difficulties. They know that, their goals deserve to be achieved, that’s why they don’t fear any problems.

mission and advantageIt is easy to start Liteforex Trading as registration takes up to three minutes. The company provides latest terminals to its clients and gives them enough bonus earning opportunities. They use safest technology for data transfers. The company has unique multi-rebate system which enables clients to get extra profits.  They have innovative investment system, which provide you with 100 percent profit within one month.

Due to the affiliate programs, you can have profit without trading in the Forex market. This program doesn’t limit the number of levels. Liteforex offers its clients to take part in contests which are held on a regular basis. The winners will be awarded not only with money prizes but also with cars, bikes, gadgets and other precious gifts.

Partnership Programs with Liteforex

Liteforex trading is not only beneficial for investor but also for its partners as well. It gives enough opportunities to individuals to become its partner and can earn more benefits. If you wish to join company as a partner there few partnership programs are available:


Bring Your Friend: If you’ve an account with Liteforex, but don’t own any website for client attraction, then you’ve an opportunity to invite your friend and can receive bonus for that. The more friends you refer the more benefits you get.

Internet Partner: This program best suited for the people who need cooperation from the company by attracting new traders b

y internet. Anyone with the wide circles of contact can become partner and can receive an impressive income.

PAMM Partner: Anyone who has his own website can become PAMM partner for the company. The partner has got an opportunity to choose the most profitable conditions. In this manager pays his partners for the promotion of his PAMM account.

Regional Representative: Working as a regional representative is an opportunity to act on behalf of company in your region. It allows you to use Liteforex brand for you own business development. Partnership commission is equal to 1.5-2 pips of transaction plus 10% of sub-affiliates income and further payments are discussed individually.

White Label:  This Liteforex Trading program is an offer for those who would like to manage the business at Forex market under their own brand name, expand the range of services, increase their income and improve company’s image. The rewards for this partnership program depend on trading activity of your client. The procedure and condition payment are discussed individually with each partner.

Multi – Rebates in LiteForex Trading

Liteforex has a tag line “the world of financial freedom” means it gives enough opportunities to its clients to earn more bonuses and rebates. It offers multirebates to its Traders as well as partners. You will learn more about this when start making transactions through multirebate system.

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Multi-rebate for traders: – Liteforex Trading pays 1.5 pips for each trade to its trader, means opportunity to get paid for each trade. You can get up to 15$ after closing trading position for that you just need to register with Liteforex group in multirebate system.

Multi-rebate for partners: – Not only traders it gives rebates to its partners as well with unbeatable benefits. Partner need to focus on advertisement and rebate will automatically given to partner and his referral simultaneously. For that just need to register as a partner and start promotion which will give you 1.5 pips rebates to your referral.

They have reduced their spread costs and opened new opportunities to save and earn. The total amount of rebate through this multi-rebate system depends on the personal activities in market. Each partner has got his own rebate service as soon as referral signs up for multi-rebate you will be 0.4 instantly deposited in your account. This system gives advantage to both partner as well as client to earn rebates.

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